Are all teddies same size?

That’s right. They are about 21cm tall and 20cm wide. There might be some tiny differences in size between teddies as they all come handmade.


I saw a beige colour teddy on your Instagram account. Is that the brown teddy you display on your website?

Yes, our teddies come in three colours: brown, white and black. Pictures on our Instagram account are mostly made by our followers, and the colours shown may be affected by various lighting, filters, types of cameras used and other factors.


I’m pretty sure I saw a different version of your teddies on Instagram. They had different looking embroidery and were packed in other boxes than those shown on your website. What’s the deal here?

We only make teddies that look and are packed like the ones you see on this website. The versions you saw and that sometimes still pop up on our Instagram or Facebook profiles, are the old versions. We don’t produce them anymore.


Can I choose a name for my teddy?

Our brown and white teddies come with a name given by us. If it’s important to you that the teddy gets a specific name, send us an email before ordering- we like to see dreams come true. Our black teddy however, doesn’t come with a name, but there’s a designated space in the box where you can write your own chosen name after it’s delivered to you.


My black Grizzly teddy didn’t come with a name.

This is a feature specific only to our white and brown teddies. Our black Grizzly teddies don’t come with names chosen by us. Instead we provide a designated space inside a box, where you can write the name of your choosing yourself.


I looked through your Instagram account and it seems like some teddies are thicker and fatter than others.

Yes, some teddies just don’t know the limits when it comes to lunch ;) Seriously though, it’s probably down to the photo quality, type of shot or lighting. In reality they are pretty much all the same.


What age group are your teddies recommended for?

They specialise in being buds for life so 0-100 :)


My teddy got a rip. What do I do?

First off, take the teddy away from your child, then get in touch with us via email: hello@manaonani.com. We will exchange the sad broken teddy for a brand new happy teddy.



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