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Wobbly Bobbly is a wooden balancing seat for little ants-in-the-pants types.

 The hand turned oak wood bottom is about 19cm high. The top seat has a diameter of 30cm.

There are two shades of wood available: warm and cold. To achieve the warm shade, we impregnate the wood with our own organic solution of bee's wax, olive oil and coconut oil. For the cold shade we treat the wood with a sealer designed specifically for children's furniture.

Every Wobbly Bobbly includes a soft fur top, which comes in four colours: grey frost, grey fog, winter blues, midnight black. Between the fur top and the wooden seat, there's a pillow insert for extra comfort. The top can be removed to create a wobbly play surface or exchanged for one in a different colour. Tops can be bought separately.

Wobbly Bobbly is a tiny gym at your home. It aids movement development and coordination and improves balancing skills. It’s a beautiful addition to a kids room or living room.

Wobbly Bobblies may slightly differ in size, due to the nature of the product.

Suitable for 4-7 year olds. Children younger than 4 should always be supervised by an adult while using Wobbly Bobbly.

weight: 6kg


The pictures show Marysia playing with a warm shade of Wobbly Bobbly with a grey frost soft fur top. Marysia is 5 years old.

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